• Landscaped exteriors with maginificent sea views
  • The White Palace evoking the welcome cool of the Aegean breeze
  • White Palace on the Beach
  • The evening sky & The blue Aeagean
  • White Palace Entrance
  • Minimalistic architecture
  • Inspired architecture
  • Mediterranean Greek atmosphere
  • New impressive entrance gallery
  • Yali exclusive waterfront accommodation
  • The perfect setting for relaxed summer entertaining
  • The White Palace on the Beach
  • Sunset Lounge Bar
  • Impressive entrance gallery
  • White Palace Mediterranean Greek atmosphere
  • White Palace Special Dining
  • Sunset in Crete
  • White Palace Hotel Minimalistic architechture
  • Impressive entrance gallery
  • Beach Club Yalos White Palace Hotel
  • Privilege lifestyle
  • Restaurants & Bars on the Waterfront
  • Decks & Pavilions on the seafront
  • White Palace Island Bar Rethymno
  • Sunset Lounge Bar White Palace Crete
  • White Palace Luxury Hotel Crete

The White Palace is all about the whites of Greece with view to the blues of the sea

Landscaped terraces with breathtaking views to Rethymno Riviera

Hippy blue and white lifestyle